Saving the World. One Classroom at a Time.

Education for Sustainability empowers students to take matters into their own hands and assume responsibility while learning about and addressing through action the issues that matter to them. With uniquely effective student-based, student-run lessons and peer-to-peer education techniques, these dynamic workshops and programmes encourage students to collaborate and work together to take real action.

The class format has a weekly topic that is delivered by PowerPoint, 1 short video, and 2 interactive games that all conclude with reflection and measurement of learning attained with the interactive workbook. 

The cost of this package is €1340 and funding from World Wise Global schools or your local County Council can be used to supplement the cost. This is a great opportunity for your teachers to upskill, to avail of teacher training and have the resources to deliver a timely and current educational course. 

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Benefits for Students, Teachers and Principals

Transition Year Students

Courses are topical and action-based. When students are working together on an issue they relate to and that matters to them, they’re always more engaged. And it’s astonishing when they begin to see their ideas develop into actions with measurable results.

For Teachers

New game-based methodologies - complete with resources, lesson plans, materials, and an interactive online learning platform ready-made for teachers and students. By training teachers to deliver the programme in an 8-week module, we’re helping to make sustainability a fundamental part of each school we work with.

Principals & Administrators

Nothing could be better for a school’s morale and reputation. An affordable and accessible programme that includes teacher training and action-led courses suited to TY learning objectives while promoting global citizenship.


Newpark School Success Story

Following their experience with Education for Sustainability, Newpark school in Blackrock became the first school in Ireland to become 100% single-use plastic free. They raised awareness, offered a solution, and got their community to join the effort.

This was a student-led campaign that was a result of our 8-week transition year module

14 students worked together to rid their school of single-use plastic

Students took action on an environmental topic that was important to them