The Benefits of Sustainability Workshops

Having accomplished so much in such a remarkably short time, Susan Adams’ Education for Sustainability workshops have been making a huge impact for multiple schools and their communities. 

Noticing a lack of environmental material in school curriculums, Susan Adams developed these workshops to bring sustainability and proactive education into the spotlight, giving students the tools they need to raise awareness, join the conversation, and enact a meaningful shift toward sustainability. Learn more about how these programs came to be by visiting Education for Sustainability’s website

The Benefits of Sustainability Workshops extend far beyond raising awareness and educating young learners about sustainability and the proactive choices they can make. These workshops also help students to become empowered Peer Educators developing valuable skills related to communication and teamwork as students take on the responsibility of educating their own peers. This method encourages students to turn ideas into action through communication, research, and critical analysis of information and media while applying problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Developing these skills will help students for the rest of their school years and beyond, preparing them for third-level education and aiding them in their everyday lives. These workshops also prove to be a valuable addition to students’ CVs, especially since they empower students to be responsible, work as a team, show creativity and initiative, and use communication skills. Susan is proud to have “met past pupils that have gotten involved with the Green Party to try and enact change. A few students have gone into environmental law and policy.” 

The current shift toward environmentally conscious living has never been more relevant and important to the next generation and today’s students are eager to take action. These workshops give young learners the opportunity to make something of their ideas, empowering them to take a responsible role in the classroom and their community.

Read on about Education for Sustainability’s success in this article, and find more details about particular topics discussed in the workshops, click here.

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