Teacher Training Programme

Teacher Workshop 1 : Taking Action

This workshop focuses on delivering action projects. Learn how to create and evoke your students to deliver an inspirational engaging and student lead action project. We will explore the basic tools needed to build an ambitious project and how to keep students motivated. This workshop can support the Young Environmentalist Awards or any action based awards.

Cost: €250 2 hours

Teacher Workshop 2 : Climate Literacy Teacher Training Module

Sign up to our 10- week climate literacy module suitable from 6th class to transition year.

Cost: The course is packaged to include teacher training, resources, lesson plans and as student workbook. Course cost is €1500.

Teacher Workshop 3: Teacher Training Lab

Empower your staff with an informative environmental education workshop on any of the following topics: climate change, sustainable development, climate justice, plastic, fast fashion, the future of transport, biodiversity loss, peer education and action projects. Learn the knowledge skills and tools to deliver an educational lesson that includes content, videos, games and new methodologies.

Cost: €250 2 hours

Workshops can compliment any framework and support students and teachers to live more sustainable lives.

Our training program supports teachers in connecting their subject to our environment under a comprehensive and interdisciplinary lens. These teacher training workshops are designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, behaviours and skills required to effectively and confidently deliver climate education across the curriculum.  

We run a variety of teacher training workshops which provide teachers with innovative methodologies that support students’ learning to take climate action for a sustainable planet.