Teacher Training program for a sustainable School

Connecting the dots; the importance of climate education in schools

Never before in history has the future of our environment been a more pressing issue than it is today. This generation of students will feel the effects of climate change more than any other and it is critical that every student is provided with an opportunity to study and understand the climate crisis through the school curriculum.

Our teacher training program can support teachers in Ireland to practically connect their subject to the environment under a prehensive and interdisciplinary lens. Understanding that the environment is linked to every aspect of our lives is crucial to conserving it. Climate change education is key to turning the tide on this crisis and to creating a safe, sustainable world for generations to come.
We believe that students are the best agents for change. As teachers it is our job to educate ourselfes so we can help harness their strengths, skills and passions to do good in the world.

These teacher training workshops are designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and skills required to effectively and confidently deliver climate education across the curriculum. The workshops can compliment any framework and support students and teachers to live more sustainable lives.

Teacher Workshop 1 : Taking Action

This workshop focuses on delivering action projects. Learn how to create and evoke your students to deliver an inspirational engaging and student lead action project. We will explore the basic tools needed to build an ambitious project and how to keep students motivated. This workshop can support the Young Environmentalist Awards or any action based awards.

Cost: €250 2 hours

Teacher Workshop 2 : Sustainable Development Teacher Training Module

Sign up for a six or eight week Sustainable Development Module for Transition Year or for CSPE. This training involves hands on experience as the teacher will shadow one of our trainers for a double class once a week for the duration of the module. The training will happen in school and all resources are provided. The module will include the delivery of a new topic each week such as climate change, sustainable development, climate justice, plastic, fast fashion, the future of transport, biodiversity loss and the last class will include a peer education initiative where the students will teach other students what they learned throughout the module. After the training the teacher will then be able to deliver the course by his/herself with another group of students. Ongoing support will be provided.
Cost: Please get in touch to tailor make your package. An estimated 8 week course is €1170 Funding from WorldWise Global Schools or the Local County Council Funding; Local Agenda 21

Teacher Workshop 3: Teacher Training Lab

Empower your staff with an informative environmental education workshop on any of the following topics: climate change, sustainable development, climate justice, plastic, fast fashion, the future of transport, biodiversity loss, peer education and action projects. Learn the knowledge skills and tools to deliver an educational lesson that includes content, videos, games and new methodologies.

Cost: €250 2 hours

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