My Story as a Environmental Educator

I am an environmentalist and educator in conservation and climate change. My first and foremost love is nature and the natural world which was inspired from working and volunteering in Dublin Zoo, college and from worldwide travel. I am passionate about educating and inspiring young people to develop awareness and knowledge of issues and to form a personal and ethical relationship with the environment that leads to actions that create a sustainable planet for now and in the future.

I have four children and as they progressed through the national curriculum, I became aware of the deficit of action based environmental education in schools. My research revealed there was a lack of time and expertise for teachers to delivery climate literacy programmes, lack of teacher training on the multi dimensions of the climate crisis, young people were suffering from eco anxiety and the lack of action-based opportunities to take action across the community. With this in mind, I started up a social enterprise business that is focused on making meaningful change in the lives and the communities we work with through the lens of climate action and sustainable development.

Since 2017, our workshops, teacher training and our climate literacy course have impacted on schools and communities all over Ireland. I am really proud of what we have achieved so far and I am excited to reach more schools and communities as the social enterprise grows.

I live in Dublin with my husband, 4 children and our dog. We spend our weekends outside enjoying nature, cycling and swimming in the sea.

susan Adams getting awarded

Our Impact so far

We have partnered 7 Local Authorities to deliver our 10-week Climate literacy course running in 50 schools throughout Ireland in 2021 and 2022.

18,605 students 

122 teachers 

187 action projects

Planted 3000 trees

Won 7 Young Environmentalist Awards

Worked with 44 plastic free schools 

And much more!