Meet The Team

Susan Adams

Executive Director

Sharon Bolger

Head of Operations & Business Development

Sharon’s initial path led her towards teaching, yet she veered off to delve into Sales, Marketing, Advertising & PR at Griffith College. With a diverse background spanning two decades, she thrived in business development and client services across different sectors including publishing, even owning a tutoring business during the tough times of Covid. This journey fuels her passions, particularly in sustainable living education for youth, and bridging vital knowledge gaps. Outside work, she immerses herself in Anti Gravity Yoga for wellness, cocooned in the yoga hammock, and uplifts spirits with the Bray Gospel Choir’s harmonies.

Eddie Ferns

Environmental Facilitator

Eddie is passionate about wildlife conservation and green politics. His background in philosophy as well as his masters degree in Environmental Leadership allows him the critical skills to create meaningful discourse concerning climate change with students. He has seen firsthand the effect our actions have had on our wildlife while working at Seal Rescue Ireland and is passionate about politicising the youth to create real systemic change that looks after our environment. In Eddie’s spare time you’ll find him exploring Ireland while surfing or hiking with his beloved dog.

Tarren Leigh Agnew-Skalska

Regional Trainer, PR and Social Media Consultant

Tarren Leigh is passionate and sustainability and education. Her academic studies in design thinking and innovation is activated when working in the classroom as she supports students to develop their climate project ideas into action.

Susie Spratt

Programme Development Consultant

Susie has a background in environmental education and the youth sector and is known for her creative and impactful programmes. These have included the COP ON! Youth Climate Action Festival held in TU Dublin in October 2022 and the nationwide Young Environmentalist Awards. Susie has a Masters in International Relations and is a bit obsessed with foreign affairs and the climate. Her work focuses on motivating young people to develop their leadership potential and she loves the solutions-based approach of Education for Sustainability. Susie’s favourite way to appreciate nature is touring through it on a bicycle so she is often to be found heading off to the mountains with her little bike and a far-away look in her eyes.

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