Our Work with Local Authorities

Education for Sustainability is a non-profit social enterprise

Local Authorities are supporting Climate Literacy in their schools by covering the fee for the 8-week module.

How it works: Select the schools you would like us to visit and our trained facilitators will deliver the the full Climate Literacy module in those schools.

This is a very effective way of supporting Climate Action in your community.

Join our mission to improve Climate Literacy in Irish schools.

If you work in a local authority and would like to know more about how we can support your schools, please get in touch below.
Download our brochure to find out how our impactful and accessible model of delivery can help to improve your schools and communities in their journey to sustainability.

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Local Councils nationwide are supporting Education for Sustainability to deliver Climate Literacy Programmes in schools across Ireland.





Our Climate Literacy Programme

Watch this video to learn more our Climate Literacy Programme.