How Newpark School became the first plastic-free school in Ireland

With Plastic Free 4 Schools by Change by Degrees, we have a fantastic solution on the ChangeX platform to support primary schools in running a plastic-free campaign with their students – an opportunity to take very concrete action on one climate related issue. Firstly in their own school environment but hopefully also beyond in their local community.

But teachers also ask us how to run a Plastic-Free 4 School programme in secondary schools? While some actions in the guide for primary schools are relevant for older students, there might be some different ways you can go about it.

The Newpark Comprehensive School in Dublin managed to get into the news with their Plastic-Free campaign last year.

Sue Adams is the woman behind this campaign. She talked us through some details on how the campaign was run, the impact it had and how other schools could copy this idea. She has been working with a few schools in the Dun Laoghaire and the Dublin area to empower students to take action for issues they care about.

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